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35 of the Most Influential People in Luxury Real Estate

January 09, 2013 Filed under: Press

Unique Homes Magazine (article Dec 2007)

When Unique Homes started in 1971, the luxury market
was a gossamer-thin slice of overall real estate.
Today, luxury covers a broad range of property
types from traditional estates to upscale urban lofts.
Price points for luxury also cover a broader range,
with prices of more than $10 million not uncommon.
And almost every area has at least a few homes
considered to be upscale. All of which makes luxury
one of real estate’s most vibrant niche markets.
For the third installment of Unique Homes’
anniversary celebration of all things 35, we highlight
the most influential in luxury real estate. The
list was developed by our publisher and editors with
input from leaders within the luxury real estate
industry. Making such a list was easy. The challenge
was limiting it to 35; luxury’s bright lights easily exceed 100. Some on the list are top brokers. Others are developers, consultants, entrepreneurs and publishers. All are visionaries and innovators who have made an indelible imprint on luxury residences, how they are sold and how we live in them. A few are relative newcomers, but many have worked in the industry for decades. Join us in celebrating luxury’s most influential.

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